Monday, October 26, 2009

old but new

pants: american eagle from salvation army-$4
long sleeve shirt: american eagle hand me down-$0
velvet sleeveless:vintage-aprox $3
shoes: chuck taylors: gift
outfit: $7
This was me last January. I really love this outfit, it is so comfortable and it goes with the new order of things..'dressing like a boy'. The boyfriend jeans are everywhere now...I never found the right pair until I found these. I bought them at the local Salvation Army for like $4 they are American Eagle men's jeans. Once I get down to my normal hip size I'll be wearin those bad boys again!
I love my black high-top chucks, they go with everything. Eli bought them for me last Christmas and they fit snug then... and since then I've been pregnant and I think my shoe size grew a little still:( cause they now kinda hurt my feet when I wear them. Fear not I tell myself. I'm determined to stretch them out. (crossing my fingers)
The velvety sweater vest I believe I bought at the DAV, but I've had it so long I cant seem to remember, so like maybe $2. The undershirt is American Eagle as well, and it was a hand me down. And of course sporting the stocking cap and pirate-bohemian wrist wear:) outfit was all together less than $10...and that's only because I didnt buy most of it. But that's how I roll:) ha
This is my rendition of the FP look. Those jeans are Levi's 501 jeans and were online for $248 and are on sale now for $69.95 so if you are interested:) or you could just shop your local thrift stores, remember always try on if you arent sure.

Thanks to Bess for the photo and being my sister-in-law.

My Goal

This is going to be a Blog for you. I want to show myself and again you I can do it. My 'goal' is to write about and show you pictures of my own personal fashion. I have been following this girl Karla on her blog recently and I really got inspired to do one. I dont have any schooling in the fashion industry or anything but I really love putting outfits together. Something I like to do is make dressing a game.. to look in a magazine, find a great outfit and then look in my closet and create my rendition of it. I really just want to have fun and share this with all my friends and family and who ever else may happen to stumble across this.

Right now I have a six week old bouncing baby boy:) Henry, the joy of my life....(and also my full-time job) so I might be getting a slow start on this.
Hopefully it will be something you will enjoy.