Thursday, February 24, 2011

work it out

SO I decided to take some pictures of the girls I work with;)
Bethany the wanna be 80's child...her outfit is pretty tame today. I love her royal purple velvet leggings and her belt that I helped her pick out at the local Salvation Army..double buckle with double side snap pockets..its doesnt get much better than that;) And of course I love her joyful personality. Poser!

Im kina lazy today mainly cause I stayed up til 2am last night..ugh. And it was raining crazy mad this morning when I left so. When I wear these Frye boots I always think...'THE DINGO ATE YO BABY!
F21 jersey pretty much see through high waisted skirt..$3
Honeycomb socks from Target
Frye didgeridoo boots..gifted from my sis
INC shirt,,hi-low olive green $5 from NBC
Hoodie from Target XL $6
Long Vest from U.O. $4
I get everything on SALE PEOPLE!!

*oh and I wish you could see but I lined my eyes in neon green bed head eyeshadow today.itsgood.

Brooke and her Lace and Lumberjack is the sweetest thang. She flashed me some leg skin on the way in this morning and I thought, I need to photograph that girl. I like her belt and especially her cheetah print scrunchy. Brooke welcome to the pack.

Kat in her original Gap jean jacket and her great grandma Ruth's button necklace..its pretty sweet in person...and her pink rubber watch;)

Meg in her FP red sweater and red zipper boots and red hair and some Scottish socks she made herself...she doesnt look as matchy matchy and Im making her sound;)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is the the half I cant see as good as the half I can see?

The line (my title) was what my husband's great grandad said to his future wife. What a pugnacious line that is...he was a professional boxer/fire chief/and hunter rolled into one, he invented the word 'pugnacious'.
So yeah you cant see the rest of usual...this was from last wk that Im just now getting off my camera...blah.
But I dug through all my clothes the other night and forgot about this lemon delight wrap dress. Its so fun with all its oldness:) I got it at a shop that is no longer in town..for like a buck fifty or something ridiculous like that.
Well its super late and I have to get up early. My head scarf is so perfect now a days with my streak of bad hair days (or dont have time in the morning hair days).

*trying to take these myself, didnt work out so well, but`.

I know there is something coming out of my head..ha
I think I love cause it just reminds me of an old photograph..or a ghost.
my sweet dog Beta...looks like she just pooped herself..although I think I had just whistled


So had an Infinicam photoshoot how bout them apples...thanks Kat.

I love this tee, I dont know where I got it, it might have just been a hand me down from my husband. But just the same, what's yours is mine. Braids and hat due to a not so good hair today. Um Im still getting over what ales me. Its nice today so its kinda making up for it.
Aaannnnd I love this necklace Im wearing as a harness. I found it at a culmination of 5 old ladies houses sale.
Oh and I dont know why I keep wearing these hooker boots, I really dont like them, they were cheap and I wished I would have gotten the suede ones:( blah
Yelp, so oh yeah the list..

jacket:vintage handmade, thrifted I cant remember the cost cause I feel like I got it for free for some reason;)
t-shirt:thrifted and gifted
necklace/harness: thrifted .50cents
tights: U.O. saled it up for $3 bones
thigh high socks: got em at rue 21 for like again lucky number $3(a long time ago)
pirate bootie boots: wild dna $20

oh oh and the rings!! um the green one with the flower on it I got at the Joplin Flea Market for like $5 again a while back and the other one I got at a garage sale for $1 love them both.

Happy Wednesday

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

too long

This has been too long in between posts..what is the deal. Im getting too comfortable with not being on the internet. Is that a bad thing? I havent been feeling up to par the last two days as well. This outfit was from a wk and a half ago..;) My sister in law Bess gifted me this two piece lovelyness on Christmas, and I thought it was high time to break it out. I was wearing tights and my combat boots(which are now in some wasteland somewhere, they busted a zipper)and some urban outfitters ruffle cream colored socks. Hope everyone has a good wkend.

kind of a weird face
I still dont know if I can get over how weird or awkward it is that I post this crap;)ha

Vintage two piece skirt and top..gifted.
Vintage tie cuff...I made.
Hat..thrifted $4
Chain necklace worn as bracelet...thrifted $3
Bed Head lipstick..gifted
Elastic belt..yard sale..$.50
Necklace...thrifted $1