Saturday, December 12, 2009

we're here to come around with the tumbleweed


Ive always liked this spot in the morning and I couldnt resist. I had to hurry and I didnt have a tri-pod so I had to use the hood of my vehicle:) I really love morning like so....

Vintage T-shirt bought it online years ago for my husbands birthday and recently turned it inside out and sewed it in about two inches on each side so it was fitted with 3/4 inch sleeves, I love it!
I think I paid $17 ... its a new paper article on Sid Vicious.

Over the knee high slouchy gray boots from Charlotte Russe ...$39

Purple over the knee purple socks from Rue 21...$3.99

Black knit tights TJMax...$1.50

My husbands button up man shirt:) 'hand me down'

U.O. sunglasses...$3.99

Scarf was a gift from NY.

Happy Holidays

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mangled up in tangled up knots.


Wearing a vintage dress, that I hemmed up at the bottom. Knit tights. Etsy badger claw necklace. And booties from Charlotte Russe. Belt Charlotte Russe. I love dressing up sometimes and this is a perfect cheap way to go to those holiday parties. I like my fair share of knee length skirts or dresses...but anymore I want it SHORT:) Dont look too close to the hem its crooked but I was in a hurry at the time. Lame I know but hey no one will ever notice. The dress is a mock two piece but adding a belt makes it that much better and defines the waistline.
The Free People's version isnt quite the same but really similar. The skirt is what the picture was selling on their website but it alone costs $98..yikes!

My Outfit

Tights on sale at TJmax...$1.75 I cut the ends out cause tights are never long enough for me.
Jacket vintage blazer...Ive had it forever I think it might be a family hand me down?
Dress vintage bought at a yard sale for $1.
Necklace traded for a skirt from my Etsy
Belt is from Charlotte Russe bought it years ago I think for around $10 or $12 new.
Shoes bought on sale at Charlotte Russe new for $10.
I love them they're like armor for your feet:)

Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I LOVE KINGS OF LEON and I want this shirt/dress!!! AAHH
I normally dont like band t-shirts, but this I love:)

tall order

Sorry its been forever since my last post...I just started back to work after having a baby and Im not finding any time to take a picture of myself before I go to work and by the time I get home its dark and Im either tired or not motivated:( blah.. plus I get frustrated that I dont look the same in stuff that I use to pre-baby...workout time here I come!

I dont have a picture to compare this outfit to this time...but lets just say FP(freepeople) inspired.

Wearing these awesome earrings I traded with on Etsy...check out anotherfeather..she is awesome and sweetie. They are grey leather tabs!!! Wear them everyday.

Skirt-$5 at TJmax
Leggings-$1.75 on clearance at TJmax
Stockings-$6 at H&M
Boots-Vintage bought at yard sale for $3

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009


I love this adorning headpiece. Its funky yet elegant I friend has this
Etsy site I think you should check out......nevaplume. Her site is currently closed but will be back soon and you can look at her 'sold' items until then:)

ps..isnt my son quite possibly the most beautiful thing?:)
I took this picture at a tea party we went to. O Henry!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

sheer perfection

HEY..well I really like t-shirts that feel and look old. This sheer shirt I bought at target and love it! I bought it off the sale rack (of course) and wear it all the time. I especially like wearing it with all black. Anyway I noticed the top picture in a magazine I frequent, Urban Outfitters or U.O. I would never have the guts to wear it with just a bra or nothing, like its pictured in their mag!!! shhheeesh But I could see myself wearing it with a bathing suit top for sure:) I have been buying things in XL sizes cause A. I like the way they fit, loose..and B. they are normally longer that way too.
Anyway..I love this shirt its great for layering.

Tank from U.O.(top pic) 14.99...(reasonable for sure)

my outfit
scarf: vintage
glasses: U.O. 3.99
sheer shirt: converse brand on sale at target: 6.99
striped tank: mossimo brand at target 7.00
jeans: on sale at kohls: 8.99
socks :some store in the mall: 4.00
riding boots: vintage bought at yard sale: 3.00

Monday, October 26, 2009

old but new

pants: american eagle from salvation army-$4
long sleeve shirt: american eagle hand me down-$0
velvet sleeveless:vintage-aprox $3
shoes: chuck taylors: gift
outfit: $7
This was me last January. I really love this outfit, it is so comfortable and it goes with the new order of things..'dressing like a boy'. The boyfriend jeans are everywhere now...I never found the right pair until I found these. I bought them at the local Salvation Army for like $4 they are American Eagle men's jeans. Once I get down to my normal hip size I'll be wearin those bad boys again!
I love my black high-top chucks, they go with everything. Eli bought them for me last Christmas and they fit snug then... and since then I've been pregnant and I think my shoe size grew a little still:( cause they now kinda hurt my feet when I wear them. Fear not I tell myself. I'm determined to stretch them out. (crossing my fingers)
The velvety sweater vest I believe I bought at the DAV, but I've had it so long I cant seem to remember, so like maybe $2. The undershirt is American Eagle as well, and it was a hand me down. And of course sporting the stocking cap and pirate-bohemian wrist wear:) outfit was all together less than $10...and that's only because I didnt buy most of it. But that's how I roll:) ha
This is my rendition of the FP look. Those jeans are Levi's 501 jeans and were online for $248 and are on sale now for $69.95 so if you are interested:) or you could just shop your local thrift stores, remember always try on if you arent sure.

Thanks to Bess for the photo and being my sister-in-law.

My Goal

This is going to be a Blog for you. I want to show myself and again you I can do it. My 'goal' is to write about and show you pictures of my own personal fashion. I have been following this girl Karla on her blog recently and I really got inspired to do one. I dont have any schooling in the fashion industry or anything but I really love putting outfits together. Something I like to do is make dressing a game.. to look in a magazine, find a great outfit and then look in my closet and create my rendition of it. I really just want to have fun and share this with all my friends and family and who ever else may happen to stumble across this.

Right now I have a six week old bouncing baby boy:) Henry, the joy of my life....(and also my full-time job) so I might be getting a slow start on this.
Hopefully it will be something you will enjoy.