Monday, October 26, 2009

My Goal

This is going to be a Blog for you. I want to show myself and again you I can do it. My 'goal' is to write about and show you pictures of my own personal fashion. I have been following this girl Karla on her blog recently and I really got inspired to do one. I dont have any schooling in the fashion industry or anything but I really love putting outfits together. Something I like to do is make dressing a game.. to look in a magazine, find a great outfit and then look in my closet and create my rendition of it. I really just want to have fun and share this with all my friends and family and who ever else may happen to stumble across this.

Right now I have a six week old bouncing baby boy:) Henry, the joy of my life....(and also my full-time job) so I might be getting a slow start on this.
Hopefully it will be something you will enjoy.

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