Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Thanks Amanda for taking some pics...

So quick snapshot of today's outfit...

I am going to be in a photoshoot for one of my friends from Springfield this weekend. She and her mother own a clothing boutique there. She is coming to Joplin for the shoot..and the concept is three girls going camping, wearing-inappropriate- clothes-for-the-occasion. Anyway more details later, my poor husband cant sleep cause Im keeping him up and he is having it as rough as it gets these days with lack of sleep caused by a twisted vertebrae...YEA.
shirt=upscaled vintage tee..I added the patch..$1
boots=thrifted leather riding boots_$3
vintage high waisted belted glorious skirt=$10..i love it love so much
badger claw necklace=etsy..trade

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

we the free

Free People top bought at the local NBC(Name Brand Clothing) store. Cause uh the closest FP is in Austin...and its like a third of the price at NBC.
I love FP (click here and check their blog) everything about them and they have a new little girls line which is so sweet. And I love how they have dogs in their home office all the time. The models and photographers are amazing, like I said, love love love!

FP top $19
Black Leather Boots.garage sale $2

I love the border on the bottoms of the sleeves so pretty..should have taken a closer pic.


You like that?:)...that's how I lay.


I like these sale tights from Target.
I like this Jacket my Grandma Hazel made for my mom.
I like this grudge look I have in these photos.

I grabbed another iphone user and made them take some photos of me
while my regular mate was gone, Kat.
All girls I work with of course.

Jacket.handmade by grandma
Long blk button up shirt.hand me down from my sister.I think its from tj-max
Ombre fishnets.target $4
Leather blk/navy(I cant tell it depends what Im wearing)shoes.thrifted.$3
Leather belt..cant remember, I think I just found it;)

You guys I need to go and see some live music soon, and go camping. And color my hair lilac. Just some summer goals.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tied up free up buck up

Hey lo

So I facebooked that I was going to make this shirt that free people has..well I still might but I found a shirt similar at the local Goodwill..I never go in there really cause I their prices are higher than the other local thrifts..but I have been looking for summer romper shoes for my one and a half year old son HB. And anyway found this guy in the mix..I fell in love with it and I think its going to be my fav summer(through over everything) shirt. It is sheer and loverly and totally vintage, which at first I didnt think it was until I looked at the tag.
OKOK its so nice outside, I have to go.


Also Im obsessed with this Japanese girl photographer who is obsessed with levitation;) so here is my tribute.

Leggings..target $3
Sandals ...target $11
Blouse..thrifted $4.50
Cuff..from a n.y. trip like 6 yrs ago..$3
Badger claw necklace you cant see...etsy trade;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

put on my green suede shoes

Hi ya folks.

Ok so this was last Friday when it was cold not today when it was 65.

But yeah Im just now getting around to posting it.

I love this coat someone I know continues to give me trash bags full of vintage stuff, most of which I dont keep but recycle it back into the system. But somethings are def worth rummaging through a trash bag for. Like this awesome camel color coat with real fur on the lapel. Uh score! Anywho..I have my skinnies and tank with blue hoodie and these amazing emerald green suede shoes I found at Salvation Army a whiles back;)I love em and have found them on other etsy sites too. But Im keepin mine baby.


Jeans: Levi's
Coat: vintage given
Shoes: thrifted
Hat: husbands

Thanks guys

Friday, March 11, 2011

happy friday

some things Ive just seen that I like