Thursday, April 21, 2011

james perse

There is a store in town called NBC I've mentioned it a ton before, and that is where you can get you some James Perse. A new favorite of mine. I went in on a sale night and bought a dress of his for $22 retailing at $190 and this oversized shirt I am wearing for $17 retailing at $90 or so.

Anyway I love it its a great night shirt as well;)
I cant describe the textures of his pieces other than amazing..I mean they are all cotton but its different for some reason.

U.O. jeans
James Perse top
Thrifted necklaces and rings
Thrifted leather boots

Have a good one.

Going to a benefit show tonight in the pouring rain.



my pink hair is fading fast, now is just looks orange

the oldest levi's shirt from my friends garage sale, it was her grandpa's it had one ripped sleeve
so I just ripped the other side to match

I love me some big ol drink.

zip up hoodie from target
vintage levi's pearl snap garage sale
cords from tjmax
black leather boots from salvation army

girlie pretty mess

I love this little romper..yes they are shorts but you cant tell.
My sister in law gave it to me, she got several dresses and things out of some old ladies barn.
These leather boots I am determined to stretch out..I wear a size 8 shoe and these are 7's! I love them too much to care that my toes are in distress all day.
IT is hard to be serious, so have fun laughing at my awkwardness.

Vintage Junior Romper:gifted

ps never again wear this on a windy day!!ha


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

warehouse blues

I love this dress. My madre` bought it for me at Goodwill last time she was in town. That and some black and blue high tops for my boy. I colored the lower half of my hair pink again with some Redken Matrix Color Gels 6RO Bonfire- Permanent Conditioning Haircolor. It doesn't stay in that long but its fun all the more. You cant see it all that great in these iphotos, but I might post some I took that morning with my Canon.
I love the U.O. shirt underneath, I wear it all the time. It has a open mesh-like half oval back, or front in this case. It is the same fit on both sides, I normally wear the open part in the back cause well I might feel like a harlot if I didn't. BUT it just gave a very conservative yet rocker feel too it, or at least that is how it made me feel;)
Also I washed it and something got on it so I just dyed it in tea...covered it up and I really like the color now even more.
I bought these shoes for cheap at my local NBC. And I love them, so comfy navy swede..mmmm.
It was stupid chilly that day....Missouri weather is foolish most times.
But I was excited because I forgot I had this and the long sleeves and knee-high socks were ideal.

Jacket: Levi's vintage pearl snap (really a shirt,but jacket that day)
Belt:thrifted-it reminds me of a archaeologist find;)
Shoes:NBC..I cant remember the brand.


Friday, April 15, 2011

slim baggy

So this was last wk, but who cares right..I dont know that the straight on shots helped me out any, my hips look awkward to me..ha..and you can see my panty line..great!;) well it seemed like a good outfit until photographed I guess..but you live and learn. I still love it and it was waaaayy comfy.

F21 high waisted grey skirt on sale $3
U.O. tattoo bird baggy top on sale $4
BCBG Clogs..second hand shop(who gives those away!?) $10

Saturday, April 9, 2011


So I got this beauty gifted to me today at my friends yard sale!! This lady I work with had a sale and my son and I stopped by, I found a couple treasures that I did pay for but when I ran across this I was in shock. Do you know how hard it is anyway to find a vintage swimsuit in good condition? And if you do it is an arm and a leg!! But here my friend is just saying, "Oh yeah, that was my mom's, I actually thought I of you when we put it out, here take it." You do not know how so very excited I was, after begging to pay something for it, and failing, I came home and tried it on and it fits more perfect than I could have imagined;) It is beautiful,flattering and in pristine condition. I've always wanted a high waisted two-piece version of a bathing suit from this era, but I am so lucky to have found this/ Thanks Debbie you made my day and summer!



Have a great weekend.