Monday, May 31, 2010

When I dip you dip we dip

first three ph. by me
last three ph. by Bethany

I just feel like dancing in this outfit. I thrifted this outfit and havent looked back!! I wish I would have taken a picture without the vest on, but oh well. It has a drawstring neck and ties in the back and the back is slit open...just the top not the bottom:)ha
My husband bought me this cute button up sweater on our first Christmas almost 6 yrs ago and Ive held on to it all this time cause A. its from him and B. it makes things 'sweet'.
The wedges I bought at Charlotte Russe for $3 on super sale!! I love it when I stumble upon these things. And the vest I bought on sale at Target a while back, cant remember how much though.
The hat is my husbands and the glasses I bought off a mannequin at a local second hand shop. I know I have a small head but I love these non the less;)
Well my 8.5 month old is climbing up my leg right now so I better tend to him....he's been sickly and feverish all weekend..and I am glad its Memorial Day and I dont have to work and he is feeling much much better and back to normal. He's a fighter boy. He was still pleasant considering he had temps of 102 and 103:( Scarrrryyyy
Alright now he is yelling at me:)
Tah Tah

Friday, May 28, 2010

gamma rays

Photos by Bess Chambers

Well I wore some pieces for my sister in law so she could take pictures of me for her Etsy. SO here they are....note to self please lay out on the weekends!!! whitey

I loved her purple finds located on my feet:) purple and red go hand in hand.
These are her vintage pieces she picked up in Carthage MO and a thrift shop.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trail out back

Yes I am floating

Free People...its the best!

ph. by me
This is the Express tank Im wearing...saw this picture after I got it..and thought yes we have one piece of clothing that is the same:) haha......Karla's closet

I am so embarrassed on how long the gap is between this post and the last. I feel like Ive let myself down a bit.....and anyone who is following this. ALL 3 of you:) But I want to get this puppy rollin.
Right now I have this 8 month old bouncing, crawling, standing, falling baby boy and he keeps me just a little busy:)
I am soooo ready for this summer to start and STAY. I watch the weather daily and in my bathroom I have this temperature gauge thing that tells me what the temp is in my house and outside:) SO I try and judge from that what kind of day its going to be. In this outfit I was loving the warmth that day! SO much I was sweating from running back and forth between shots.. I had to fold up my neck strap on my camera and prop the lens on it so I could get a somewhat ok shot...not in focus but you still get the jist of it right?!!
Well A. I love love love these sandals got them at Target this spring and have gotten so many complements on them, especially from older ladies which I find interesting:) I see this style of shoe everywhere and decided I needed them. I rarely buy anything not on sale, but I got these free,, for my birthday from a friend, with a gift card!! YAYYY! (Thanks Jo Jo Bean)

Skirt is from Forever 21 $12
V-neck from Pac Sun $7
Lace overlay hand me down (Express tank that she cut in half)
Shoes from Target *free I think they were like $22 or something
Bracelets from Barcelona *leather with metal clasps my fav things ever <3 you Rachelle Rose

This outfit isnt super cool or anything, I just really like the pictures and its been awhile since Ive gotten to take pictures of myself.