Friday, December 11, 2009

Mangled up in tangled up knots.


Wearing a vintage dress, that I hemmed up at the bottom. Knit tights. Etsy badger claw necklace. And booties from Charlotte Russe. Belt Charlotte Russe. I love dressing up sometimes and this is a perfect cheap way to go to those holiday parties. I like my fair share of knee length skirts or dresses...but anymore I want it SHORT:) Dont look too close to the hem its crooked but I was in a hurry at the time. Lame I know but hey no one will ever notice. The dress is a mock two piece but adding a belt makes it that much better and defines the waistline.
The Free People's version isnt quite the same but really similar. The skirt is what the picture was selling on their website but it alone costs $98..yikes!

My Outfit

Tights on sale at TJmax...$1.75 I cut the ends out cause tights are never long enough for me.
Jacket vintage blazer...Ive had it forever I think it might be a family hand me down?
Dress vintage bought at a yard sale for $1.
Necklace traded for a skirt from my Etsy
Belt is from Charlotte Russe bought it years ago I think for around $10 or $12 new.
Shoes bought on sale at Charlotte Russe new for $10.
I love them they're like armor for your feet:)

Happy Holidays!!!

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  1. LOVE it...and love this blog! I like the ruffles on the dress. I'm into ruffles right now (I think). See you at Christmas?