Wednesday, November 4, 2009

sheer perfection

HEY..well I really like t-shirts that feel and look old. This sheer shirt I bought at target and love it! I bought it off the sale rack (of course) and wear it all the time. I especially like wearing it with all black. Anyway I noticed the top picture in a magazine I frequent, Urban Outfitters or U.O. I would never have the guts to wear it with just a bra or nothing, like its pictured in their mag!!! shhheeesh But I could see myself wearing it with a bathing suit top for sure:) I have been buying things in XL sizes cause A. I like the way they fit, loose..and B. they are normally longer that way too.
Anyway..I love this shirt its great for layering.

Tank from U.O.(top pic) 14.99...(reasonable for sure)

my outfit
scarf: vintage
glasses: U.O. 3.99
sheer shirt: converse brand on sale at target: 6.99
striped tank: mossimo brand at target 7.00
jeans: on sale at kohls: 8.99
socks :some store in the mall: 4.00
riding boots: vintage bought at yard sale: 3.00


  1. you look like you are having fun with this idea...nice work.

  2. thanks!! its hard to do the pictures myself, but i manage:)