Saturday, November 21, 2009

tall order

Sorry its been forever since my last post...I just started back to work after having a baby and Im not finding any time to take a picture of myself before I go to work and by the time I get home its dark and Im either tired or not motivated:( blah.. plus I get frustrated that I dont look the same in stuff that I use to pre-baby...workout time here I come!

I dont have a picture to compare this outfit to this time...but lets just say FP(freepeople) inspired.

Wearing these awesome earrings I traded with on Etsy...check out anotherfeather..she is awesome and sweetie. They are grey leather tabs!!! Wear them everyday.

Skirt-$5 at TJmax
Leggings-$1.75 on clearance at TJmax
Stockings-$6 at H&M
Boots-Vintage bought at yard sale for $3

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