Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trail out back

Yes I am floating

Free People...its the best!

ph. by me
This is the Express tank Im wearing...saw this picture after I got it..and thought yes we have one piece of clothing that is the same:) haha......Karla's closet

I am so embarrassed on how long the gap is between this post and the last. I feel like Ive let myself down a bit.....and anyone who is following this. ALL 3 of you:) But I want to get this puppy rollin.
Right now I have this 8 month old bouncing, crawling, standing, falling baby boy and he keeps me just a little busy:)
I am soooo ready for this summer to start and STAY. I watch the weather daily and in my bathroom I have this temperature gauge thing that tells me what the temp is in my house and outside:) SO I try and judge from that what kind of day its going to be. In this outfit I was loving the warmth that day! SO much I was sweating from running back and forth between shots.. I had to fold up my neck strap on my camera and prop the lens on it so I could get a somewhat ok shot...not in focus but you still get the jist of it right?!!
Well A. I love love love these sandals got them at Target this spring and have gotten so many complements on them, especially from older ladies which I find interesting:) I see this style of shoe everywhere and decided I needed them. I rarely buy anything not on sale, but I got these free,, for my birthday from a friend, with a gift card!! YAYYY! (Thanks Jo Jo Bean)

Skirt is from Forever 21 $12
V-neck from Pac Sun $7
Lace overlay hand me down (Express tank that she cut in half)
Shoes from Target *free I think they were like $22 or something
Bracelets from Barcelona *leather with metal clasps my fav things ever <3 you Rachelle Rose

This outfit isnt super cool or anything, I just really like the pictures and its been awhile since Ive gotten to take pictures of myself.


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