Saturday, April 9, 2011


So I got this beauty gifted to me today at my friends yard sale!! This lady I work with had a sale and my son and I stopped by, I found a couple treasures that I did pay for but when I ran across this I was in shock. Do you know how hard it is anyway to find a vintage swimsuit in good condition? And if you do it is an arm and a leg!! But here my friend is just saying, "Oh yeah, that was my mom's, I actually thought I of you when we put it out, here take it." You do not know how so very excited I was, after begging to pay something for it, and failing, I came home and tried it on and it fits more perfect than I could have imagined;) It is beautiful,flattering and in pristine condition. I've always wanted a high waisted two-piece version of a bathing suit from this era, but I am so lucky to have found this/ Thanks Debbie you made my day and summer!



Have a great weekend.

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