Tuesday, April 19, 2011

warehouse blues

I love this dress. My madre` bought it for me at Goodwill last time she was in town. That and some black and blue high tops for my boy. I colored the lower half of my hair pink again with some Redken Matrix Color Gels 6RO Bonfire- Permanent Conditioning Haircolor. It doesn't stay in that long but its fun all the more. You cant see it all that great in these iphotos, but I might post some I took that morning with my Canon.
I love the U.O. shirt underneath, I wear it all the time. It has a open mesh-like half oval back, or front in this case. It is the same fit on both sides, I normally wear the open part in the back cause well I might feel like a harlot if I didn't. BUT it just gave a very conservative yet rocker feel too it, or at least that is how it made me feel;)
Also I washed it and something got on it so I just dyed it in tea...covered it up and I really like the color now even more.
I bought these shoes for cheap at my local NBC. And I love them, so comfy navy swede..mmmm.
It was stupid chilly that day....Missouri weather is foolish sometime...no most times.
But I was excited because I forgot I had this and the long sleeves and knee-high socks were ideal.

Jacket: Levi's vintage pearl snap (really a shirt,but jacket that day)
Belt:thrifted-it reminds me of a archaeologist find;)
Shoes:NBC..I cant remember the brand.


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  1. LOVE the dress. I told John that all I want to wear this summer are dresses. So comfortable!