Friday, January 13, 2012


Well its my birthday and its cold, SURPRISE! not really. On Wednesday it was 60 degrees out and gorgeous..I cleaned with the front door open. Then went to ladies group night for cell and it dropped like 25 degrees or something, cold winds coming from the north and as I was walking to my car I told my friend Bailey, it smells like snow. I just knew it wouldnt be warm on my birthday in never is. In fact it seems like whatever crazy weather starts on or right after or right before my day of birth. (this is why one year I had a half birthday:note to self, do that again) ANYWAY..I called it, it snowed that night at least what an inch and a half or two. And this morning my husband told me its suppose to be like 70 degrees on Sunday, that's Missouri weather for you. Happy Friday the 13th to me;)

I took these photos in my backyard while thinking about Erin and Caleb one morning, I love the light, (this was pre snow) but it made me think about my them, the Paxtons who shaved their heads for some other friends of ours that just found out that their oldest boy has leukemia. What awesome friends of friends;) I love you guys...but this frost made me think about how nippy your neck and ears might be. But so proud of you for doing such a selfless and wonderful act of kindness.

Also happy January Birthdays to:
Mary Chambers 5th
Bess Lanyon 8th
Nathan Chambers 11th
Hazel Whorton 11th
Meg Bourne 20th
Brooke Hines 25th
Lindsay Edmonds 27th

xoxo mamawolf

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