Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So had an Infinicam photoshoot how bout them apples...thanks Kat.

I love this tee, I dont know where I got it, it might have just been a hand me down from my husband. But just the same, what's yours is mine. Braids and hat due to a not so good hair today. Um Im still getting over what ales me. Its nice today so its kinda making up for it.
Aaannnnd I love this necklace Im wearing as a harness. I found it at a culmination of 5 old ladies houses sale.
Oh and I dont know why I keep wearing these hooker boots, I really dont like them, they were cheap and I wished I would have gotten the suede ones:( blah
Yelp, so oh yeah the list..

jacket:vintage handmade, thrifted I cant remember the cost cause I feel like I got it for free for some reason;)
t-shirt:thrifted and gifted
necklace/harness: thrifted .50cents
tights: U.O. saled it up for $3 bones
thigh high socks: got em at rue 21 for like again lucky number $3(a long time ago)
pirate bootie boots: wild dna $20

oh oh and the rings!! um the green one with the flower on it I got at the Joplin Flea Market for like $5 again a while back and the other one I got at a garage sale for $1 love them both.

Happy Wednesday

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