Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is the the half I cant see as good as the half I can see?

The line (my title) was what my husband's great grandad said to his future wife. What a pugnacious line that is...he was a professional boxer/fire chief/and hunter rolled into one, he invented the word 'pugnacious'.
So yeah you cant see the rest of usual...this was from last wk that Im just now getting off my camera...blah.
But I dug through all my clothes the other night and forgot about this lemon delight wrap dress. Its so fun with all its oldness:) I got it at a shop that is no longer in town..for like a buck fifty or something ridiculous like that.
Well its super late and I have to get up early. My head scarf is so perfect now a days with my streak of bad hair days (or dont have time in the morning hair days).

*trying to take these myself, didnt work out so well, but`.

I know there is something coming out of my head..ha
I think I love cause it just reminds me of an old photograph..or a ghost.
my sweet dog Beta...looks like she just pooped herself..although I think I had just whistled

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