Sunday, June 27, 2010



I told someone I looked like Bam Bam and they said Beth, Bam Bam is a boy, you mean Pebbles. haha
So Yeah I rarely wear my hair up exposing my ears cause I think I have a shrunken head anyway but mainly the smallest ears ever, for some reason this day I did.
Anyway, kind of a lazy day but non the less I want to try and do this so, I guess even the boring ones must come into play too.
I really like this shirt and I bought it for 1.99 and it has shoulder PADS!! AND my husband thinks my chest looks good in it so:)
Also Im sorry for the blinding pair of legs you ever saw...I havent been out in the sun lately, but my arms are receiving the sun rays just Im two-toned..LOVELY.

Boots vintage $1
Shorts handmedowns
Shirt $1.99
Glasses U.O. $2.98
Earrings gifted husband bought them for me.
Taupe Cuff vintage tie I made
Turq Cuff gift

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