Sunday, June 27, 2010

purty in the thirties

Photobucket Adrienne Courtney

I love this dress, I bought it 7 years Kansas City at this vintage 'warehouse' literally it was a warehouse that was next to nothing in the middle of some run down west part of town. It was only open from 10 to 2 on Saturdays and it was a branch off a tiny store in off Westport Rd...except cheaper:) So I went when I was in town and happened to remember. It was on the second story and there was this elderly gentleman running it. They had the rooms sectioned off in era and it was oh so delightful. Anyway I found this 1930 gem for $10, yessss!
I have been taking pictures out behind my work its rather drab but I like it. Next time I'm going to go to a more greener spot. Well better go do another load of laundry, these things just to clean themselves you know.
Oh and sorry for the boobs, thats what breastfeeding a baby will do to ya. They are driving me nuts, as much as people say you want what you dont have..that is true and I wouldnt miss having big boobs...I want to be able to wear loooowww cut things every once in a while!!!!ugh

Charlotte Russe boots $10
Vintage dress 1903's style $10
TJmax zipper bra $3
Watch, my moms
Cuff I made
Silver cuff gifted
Cuff on other hand, headband wrapped 3 times gifted
Belt garage sale 50 cents

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