Monday, December 19, 2011


Hey I have one! I am going to be posting new things this week, pretty late if I was wanting to get in with the Christmas shoppers but, oh well...if you live in my home town Joplin then no shipping eh!! YEA

Here is a quick peak of an amazing speed suit I found last year.
*photo credit to Will Vastine

It's a Vera Maxwell Speed Suit from the 70's...all black, swoop back, velvet cuffs on the sleeve and full length skirt with a slit on the side is also velvet. Great for keepin warm in the winter months to come, and HEY its speedy for those of you always trying to get out the door in a hurry, like me.

K guys, I really need to go to bed. Ok so I just posted like 3 posts in a row on here. Its good though, I really want to start posting more on here about daily things, mommy things, crafty things, vintage finds, and whatever else runs through this brain O mine. Hope its entertaining and maybe helpful too.
Thanks! sleep tight


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