Wednesday, December 21, 2011

your name eludes me

Derek Sivers posted an article that I thought was a good and fun exercise and wanted to share it with you all. He wrote down all the friends he's ever had from memory, no address book-no phone and no facebook. He is awesome, I recently read a book of his, Anything You Want. It was great quick read and helped get my head straight on some questions I had about running your own business....whhhaa?! I know what you are wondering but I am not ready to reveal it yet, you better keep checking this blog for more on that in the next month or so! YAY
Thanks Derek for giving me some peace of mind about how I want to go about doing this. Trusting myself and my ideas. I want it to be as natural and easy as possible, not to do it for the money but for the experience... for the joy I get for helping people find what is perfect for them. I want it to flow nicely with my current life. I know that owning your own business can and probably is all consuming but I want it to be a comfortable, homie, unique experience as if you just discovered the Amber Room, the eighth wonder of the world. Ha, ok it might not be that awesome, but in my head it kind of is;) I have never been so excited about something, I am constantly thinking of all the possibilities and how I want to really be involved in the community and give back. Our town and the people in it are amazing in overcoming and regrouping and just coming together to help others in the travesty that hit Joplin this last spring. I want to get people creative minds flowing with blog posts and to have a location, a business in Joplin like the one I am wanting to build because there isn't one like it here. Maybe it will get other people inspired to do the same thing.

Oh I envy people with good memory. I just sit at my Grandma Pat's feet and gaze up at her in awe when she is telling me stories from when she was in first grade, like they were yesterday...she can remember lessons, every teacher...first and last names. Anyway his post reminded me of her. I started recording her this summer FINALLY. On various things like old folk songs she always sings, unique names in our families, stories of my dad and two brothers. I would love to get with my sister in law (Kelsey) and write a book or collective memories from her life.

My list would be all broken up like, only a first name, sometimes both or it would be...'that British stylist who colored my hair in Schaumburg, IL'(actually her name is Sue Cooper, but you know what I mean)
I dont have time right now to post them but would love to try. But those of you who do, should..and I will soon I promise. What I will do is be thinking about it this week and write down names that I think of put it in my journal and then post them all so I am not just sitting a the computer and tempted to just look at FB:)

Hope everyone is having a great day! Also I am so happy hearing about so so many of my friends making gifts this year for their families. Its fun listening to all of their ideas and it means so much more I feel. I did half this year..making some, bought others. My husband is making awesome gifts for the guys in the family, turning trash into something usable for everyday. I will show you those soon! My husband is so talented, I love it when he gets creative...last night we were driving home from a work party and we had borrowed his mom's van to car pool with the other music store employees and there was a CD of some of his basement tapes tracks and OOHH how I missed them. He is such a great songwriter and musician, I wish he had more time for that. He recorded most of them on a four track cassette recorder. One of the guys in the van, Nick said, "when did you record this?" and Eli was like, "ohh I was 15 or 16 in my parents basement."
Anyway Nick was really impressed, cause we were talking about how the quality was really good and sounded current. Later that night when it was just Eli and I, we heard a Jars of Clay song on the radio and were laughing cause it literally sounded like we were listening to a cassette tape the sound was so rough and foggy;)

Ok here is a journal that I made for my other niece Sophia. I used a book I bought at the DAV and had already used the pages for making flags at my son's second birthday, so...just felt like I should use all of it.

I also feel like I should say sorry, cause my thoughts are all kind of jumbled;)


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