Wednesday, December 21, 2011

swingin free

Why is it that everyone around me chooses to poke fun or despise these pants. I have some and loooove them. But chose to switch to something else when my husband made fun of me. He said,'oh crotchedy' I was like they are suppose to be like that and they taper and look awesome with my roper boots. I also said, they are so soft and comfy its like wearing sweatpants, then he replied, 'exactly'. *longsigh*
What do you guys think???
or people call them my m.c.hammer pants...come on people! they are awesome!

So case in point...the amazing Jenny Lopez this is her off duty at FP..wearing FP pants. I have been enjoying looking at her blog. I mean seriously, so easy, tshirt, slip on boots and comfy pants, who wouldnt want to. You can look awesome when you barely have to try.


  1. i'm agreeing with Eli on this one. Kind of looks like you need extra space to wear an adult diaper under them or something? [can't wait to see you guys!]

  2. sweet sweet one, they are so in. When I was in Moscow a "COUPLE" both wore them and sat right next to me!!!!