Monday, December 19, 2011

Nan in doll form.

So tonight I finished up a doll I am hand making for my precious niece Ivy Girl for Christmas.
First attempt at making a doll period, let alone one that is suppose to resemble someone. It took two days, with daily house hold activities and nap time that I have been taking advantage of this week getting in the way but I did it. I love it, its not perfect which is fun anyway with gifts like these, but at the same time now I just want to keep doing it until they are.(perfectly done the way I see them in my head)
So I made the doll to look like my sister in law and now I am going to make one to look like my brother in law;)....debating whether to give them eyes, Im thinking not.
Those of you who know Hannah will appreciate the fur slippers and hat.(oh that fur hat, I have to practically yell when she is wearing it)
Either way it was FUN making it. Hope Ivylicious likes it!
*if you want to see the people I am turning into dolls, check out my other blog.

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