Thursday, March 3, 2011

rip tear mend

Hello again..
I dont really have much right now.
Ive been working non stop and editing photos.
Playing with my son at night, tonight just warmed
my heart though.. I put my son Henry down and
he couldnt stay asleep, my husband was carting
band equipment out of the house and it was noisy.
I ended up going and getting him and taking him in our
room, shut the door and he was just laying there playing
with my hair. Pointing to my lips and eye and just being
perfect. He is my sweetie boy and I love him so much
and cant wait until I get to stay home with him in a little
over a month now. !!!!!!!!!
I again told my friend Kat with the iphone to take some
photos..I just dont feel like bringing my camera to work
with my every day..and in the morning Im always rushing
and by the time I get home Im mommy and its too dark.

Oh one thing I am so loving my nail polish its OPI and granted
the color is bringing out the red in my hands...gross...its
not chipped in two days! which is good in all girls book right!?
ok its late and me is sleepyyyyyyyyy

ps I need to mend my torn and ripped clothes;)

old man hat ...antique store $4
target lace dress...$6
thrifted blouse...$.25
stretchy gold metal belt...thrifted $.50
thigh high $5
thrifted leather old lady shoes..$2.98

ha..i look like i have bloomers on

hey teeth

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