Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mother may eye


So its a gray day out and looking outside reminds me of these days living in the country and misty magical it was. Eating tomatos out of the garden and washing them in the crick.
Yea I said crick, what.
I tried to rock the bun, but my hair is so fine...sheeesh. I think I suck at it.
oooooo I just took a sip of old Mt Dew, why did I think that was going to quench ANYthing!??
Ok so this jacket...my talented mother made back in ohhh prolly 95`...for my older sister when she lived out in Colorado Springs. Seems fitting huh. Well this last winter my sister sent me a bunch of stuff she was getting rid of and um this was in there. I was like DUDE didnt mom make this and this was like your favorite thing, how can you get rid of it. I mean I'll take it!
I wont ever get rid of it, ever. I dont care if no body else appreciates it, its staying in this family and that is final. Am I ranting too much about this? Its a tall clap of water that is for sure;)
Oh and my hundred yr old cavalry boots I picked up at the local flea market.
There *was this booth that was just boots everywhere...and most had a match but you had to dig. WELL I got them for $25 cause that is all I had on me. Dang Mang..is that what you are saying cause that is what I say every time I put them on;) ha
So I slapped some mink oil on those bad boys this morning with it being all rainy.

Im eating a poor mans sandwich but with Inglehoffer stone ground mustard, I am king.
But for reals.. if I were a hot dog would you eat me, with Inglehoffer you would.

I say good day.

Long Coat..my mom made
Cavalry boots..thrifted
Calculator watch..walmart
Sheer T..target
Cream socks..U.O.

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  1. Oddly enough I believe I "remember" that creation. ;-)
    Thanks for the walk through your day and down memory lane!!

    I love YOu BeFfY! Blessings from the "BOTTOM OF MY LIVER" ark (aka - miss ana) Ha