Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tied up free up buck up

Hey lo

So I facebooked that I was going to make this shirt that free people has..well I still might but I found a shirt similar at the local Goodwill..I never go in there really cause I their prices are higher than the other local thrifts..but I have been looking for summer romper shoes for my one and a half year old son HB. And anyway found this guy in the mix..I fell in love with it and I think its going to be my fav summer(through over everything) shirt. It is sheer and loverly and totally vintage, which at first I didnt think it was until I looked at the tag.
OKOK its so nice outside, I have to go.


Also Im obsessed with this Japanese girl photographer who is obsessed with levitation;) so here is my tribute.

Leggings..target $3
Sandals ...target $11
Blouse..thrifted $4.50
Cuff..from a n.y. trip like 6 yrs ago..$3
Badger claw necklace you cant see...etsy trade;)

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