Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I like these sale tights from Target.
I like this Jacket my Grandma Hazel made for my mom.
I like this grudge look I have in these photos.

I grabbed another iphone user and made them take some photos of me
while my regular mate was gone, Kat.
All girls I work with of course.

Jacket.handmade by grandma
Long blk button up shirt.hand me down from my sister.I think its from tj-max
Ombre $4
Leather blk/navy(I cant tell it depends what Im wearing)shoes.thrifted.$3
Leather belt..cant remember, I think I just found it;)

You guys I need to go and see some live music soon, and go camping. And color my hair lilac. Just some summer goals.



  1. beautiful photos, i love the colors

  2. I was just telling Virginia that we need to go camping SOON! I am also needing some live music. It has been way too long.