Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have some business and a promise that I have to hold to...

Hey peoples. I am so enjoying this tshirt weather, errr even if it is still chilly, dude I dont care Im so ready for spring and summer! So, this crop T is so my favorite thing right now, my sister gave it to me along with other random things she was cleaning out of her storage shed. It has a football and town on the 'right side' but I turned it inside out of course. You know like old practice football jerseys putting them under their pads..ANYWAY, Im including a picture of Johnny Depp in his crop top from the movie Nightmare on Elm Street...oh yea.
Oh and I totally just found these BCBG t-strap gold studded clogs at um the DAV! oh yeah for $9.
I know I know...score right? Well anyway I always told myself I was not buying clogs but I just didnt think I could pull them off mainly like the backless ones. I dont know, I mean I love em yea well turns out I do love them and they are so high but pretty comfy.
I borrowed this necklace from my sister in law Emily this morning, cause its just awesome;) annnd it has all the different zodiac signs on the flip side. ha IT was her friends grandmas. Anyway it reminded me of something that Indiana Jones would have used to unlock some historic secrets and all the while dodging poisonous darts and I just stole it for the day.
Now what else, oh and the skirt is so great, its super sheer hence the leggings underneath. I cant remember where I got it I think at a city wide garage sale or salvation army, but the pattern is so bohemian and fun.
Well here are the iphone pics my friend at work Kat took of me.


vintage cropped football practice tee
thrifted skirt
thrifted bcbg shoes
leggings from target
husbands hat
borrowed necklace
vintage silk tie cuff i made

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  1. Nice photos. BChambers has a style look that captivates your shots.